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Our Services

Corporate Solutions World Ahead provides fast, accurate and cost effective quality services under Single Roof in the last years. We have a dedicated and experienced Professional team & having offices in three major States in India equipped with good infrastructure facilities. We offered you A to Z business Solutions under our Single roof that are:

Business Start-up Services

  1. Registration(Incorporation) of Company.
  2. Formation of Public Limited Company.
  3. Formation of Private Limited Company.
  4. Formation of One Person Company.
  5. Formation of LLP(Limited Liability Partnership).
  6. Registration of Sole Proprietorship.
  7. Registration of Partnership Firm.
  8. Registration of Society, Trust, Etc.

Legal Registration Services

  1. Registration for K.V.A.T(Sales Tax/Tin Number).
  2. Registration Service Tax.
  3. Registration for PAN, TAN.
  4. Registration for Import and Export License.
  5. Registration for Shop and Establishment.
  6. Registration for Trademark, Copy Right, Patent.

Accounts Related Services

  1. Accounts Preparation/Accounts outsourcing.
  2. Internal Audit, Concurrent Audit.
  3. Accounts Finalisation.
  4. Statutory Audit, Tax Audit, & Vat Audit.
  5. Finacial Accounts Preparation and Finalisation.

Value Added Services

  1. Business Advice.
  2. Financial Planning and Tax Planning Services.
  3. Project Reports, Banks Reports and Estimation.
  4. Representation to Various Departments.
  5. Drafting of Deeds, Agreements, Resolutions.

Tax Related Services

  1. Computation and Preparation of Income Tax.
  2. Computation and Preparation of Sales Tax, Etc.
  3. Computation and Preparation of Service Tax, Luxury, T.D.S.
  4. E-Filing of Income Tax.
  5. E-Filing of Sales Tax, Service Tax, Luxury Tax, T.D.S, Excise And Customs.

ROC related Services

  1. E Filing with Registrar of Companies
  2. Drafting of Deeds, Agreements, Resolutions
  3. Annual Filing,
  4. X.B.R.L
  5. Share Transfer, Transmission

Bank Related Services

  1. Bank Project Report
  2. Charge Creation (On bank loan)
  3. Charge Satisfaction
  4. Bank Search and Status Report
  5. Due diligence Report Etc

Foreign Investment Services

  1. Foreign Exchange, Investment and Other Compliances Works.
  2. Joint Venture.

Other Services

  1. Digital Signature.
  2. Arbitration works etc.